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Mind Magic streamlines the power of the imagination through 18 step-by-step progressive guided imagery lessons that meet National Language Arts Core Curriculum Standards. Ten minutes a day or 25 minutes once a week empowers individuals, pre-teens to adults, with emotional skills for 1) making smarter choices and 2) managing difficulties such as anxiety, depression or bereavement.

  • These groundbreaking mindfulness lessons
  • reduce barriers to learning,
  • produce successful emotional and behavioral outcomes,
  • increase self-esteem and ethical, responsible behavior,
  • facilitate addiction prevention/intervention programs.

Research done in Mississippi and Louisiana schools shows a reduction in discipline problems, a calmer school atmosphere, improved grades and more regular attendance. These enjoyable practices create opportunities for family bonding and group cohesion for both individuals and groups—home, school, hospitals, prisons, churches—wanting to build a better future for themselves while advancing the collective.

“Visualization is a time-honored mental conditioning technique… Instructors should make this technique part of their training curriculum.” Richard Hine, Vice President of Training for AOPA Air Safety Foundation

“Imagery is one of those things we teach people because we really do believe that doing that kind of thinking increases the potential and probability for performing well.” Jim Bowen, Olympic Training On-site Psychologist
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